Just who isEasy Life Trading?

Easy Life Trading

Easy Life Trading focuses on folks who want to trade for a living, and people who need an alternative way to build their retirement account.

Although we do offer effective long term strategies (Please see Long Term Strategy Section), most of our traders prefer the day trades and the swing trades which offer quick and consistent profits. Whether you are a beginner or someone who has previously traded the markets without much success, our system will allow you to earn money consistently while enjoying greater freedom and time with your family.

We believe that in order for you to be truly successful as a professional trader you must learn and be proficient with all types of trades. It isn’t enough just to learn the basics. While you’ll appear intelligent to the average person who knows little to nothing about the market, you probably won’t experience much success as a trader. We will show you how to make money in all major phases of the market.

Our Trading Styles

Day Trade

This is important because it helps meet immediate financial goals. Your goal is to capture a small piece of the movement that the market gives you everyday in order to earn income every day.

Swing Trade

Once your account is big enough then you can choose to switch from day to swing trading (though most of our traders don’t stop day trading our system because they feel that it is like throwing money away). This type of trading focuses on earning weekly or monthly income. Taking advantage of bigger movements in the market yields greater profits while freeing up lots of time for other pursuits.

Who we can train:

From Beginners

Our 360 Double B Cloud System will allow you to see the exact entries and exits without any guesswork. This will give you the confidence needed to trade effectively and earn daily and/or weekly income.

To The Experienced

Not only will you be able to make daily and weekly income using our system, but because you are a little more experienced you will see all the mistakes of the stubborn, unsuccessful traders out there and make big on their bad trades. These traders believe that they are smart people and can figure out the market themselves by changing the moving average crosses around, changing the MACD and Stochastics, etc. around to make the chart look smoother for trading. They constantly have to get out of the trade at the wrong time and when they do the market runs their way. You will be able to see the losing side and be on the winning side and make big on it.


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Some of our mostEPIC TRADES


EasyLife helps individual who are looking for different avenues to have their money work for them.  We focus on educating you on how to use the Stock, Forex, and Futures Market to maximize your return. No matter what situation you may be in, we believe that we have the right strategy to meet your needs.